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Problems recording HD channels with Contour

I have the Record 6 Whole Home DVR (9865HDC) along with the client receiver (4742HDC) in a separate room that is supposed to enable us to watch DVR recordings in either room.  However, at least once a week, I have a show that I recorded on a HD channel that will not play on the receiver in the separate room.  It will either just freeze up or tell me the recording is unable to be played.  When I come back to the main unit (that is the actual DVR), that same show will usually play, however, when I try to fast-forward or rewind, the time indicator slide will not move and the screen remains frozen.  If I just let the show play, it will indeed play, but there is no way to fast-forward or rewind.  I'm on my 3rd unit in a year so not real excited about getting another one and having to set everything up all over again.  I've also called customer support and they reset the unit, but that does not help.  It's been different HD channels at different times and different days, so absolutely no pattern to when or where the error occurs.  Anyone else have this problem? 

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  • I have had this same problem for a while. My solution is to not delete the recorded program that I was having trouble with. It is my thought that it is caused by bad sectors on the hard drive and by not deleting the program it prevents any future recordings from using that space. I started doing this about September 10, 2016 and once I had saved about five bad programs, it pretty much stopped happening. refers.