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Printing from Cox webmail problem

When I try to print a copy of a webmail message I get the cox page info plus a list of all my folders down the left side which also 

causes part of the message on the right side to be cut off.  Cox tech service suggested it could be a browser issue and to change browsers(from Firefox) Didn't appear to help the problem.  (Also when I clicked on "Select Tags" below I found that this message 

had disappeared when I went back and had to retype it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Are you using classic webmail? Right below the "read message" line there are a bunch of buttons, on the right side is a Print button. Did you click that? It will open up just the message in a popup window, ready for printing. If you just clicked file/print in the browser before opening up the print window, you will get the result you describe.