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Premier tier, Preferred speeds.

Has all of Las Vegas been upgraded to the faster speeds? I've called cox directly as well as try to solve my speed issue with a cox tech support agent online and I'm still receiving preferred speeds ...
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    Hi, LTM. Actually, if I've located your account correctly, it looks like there's a code that needs to be corrected that wasn't an issue before the speed upgrade but now it would keep you from having the right provisioning. There's a premier code for DOCSIS 2 modems and a premier code for DOCSIS 3 modems, and there was very little difference previously but now it's quite a gap.

    There's no difference in price, but I do need to verify that I have the correct account before I make any kind of change, since you need to be aware that it will cause your modem to reboot. If you could email your name and address to I can verify your info and go ahead with the update.

    Kip K.

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