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premier internet package low speeds even with new modem

That's as good as I get daily, cox just sent me a new modem, it is the C6300BD, I use a RT-N66U router, so I disabled the wireless in the new modem, still cant get my advertised speeds, tried tech support only to be told the signals are good.  

I pay $300 a month for internet and tv service, Id like to actually get what im paying for. 

as a test, I unplugged my router, and used the new modems wired ports, I get the exact same speed as with my router. 

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    As you noticed, the C6300BD is a gateway, not a modem.  Even though you disabled wireless on the modem, that still doesn't eliminate double NAT.  Not a good idea to connect a router to a gateway unless the gateway is in bridge mode, impossible as Cox disables bridge more   Also, the C6300BD is a wireless AC1900 device, why would you want to slow it down with an N900 router?

    Now for the 32Mbps download wired to the gateway ... sounds like a service code issue.  Maybe a Cox Mod can look into that.

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    We can take a look at the signal levels to the modem and check for issues on our end. If a direct connection yields the same results, the problem can be with the equipment or with the signal that's coming into the modem. Please email us at and provide the account information, we'll get to the bottom of this.