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Power outages and phone usage

1. Currently, without the upgrade, we have always been able to use our landline during power outages. We use Cox only for internet. Will this service be the same with no worry about batteries dying?

2. What specifically happens if we do not have the upgrade installed.  

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  • Hi Jenni B.,

    You have two equipment options: you can choose a Cisco DPQ3212 Internet & Telephone Modem for no additional monthly charge, or you can choose to rent an Arris TG2472 Premium WiFi Internet & Telephone Modem for $9.99/month. Batteries are available with both equipment options and should be requested when you set up your installation appointment. There is a one-time battery purchase charge of $29.99. The battery provides up to eight hours of standby service or up to four hours of talk time during a power outage (using a corded telephone connected directly to the telephone modem's working jack).

    We are sending customers multiple notifications over a five-month period. After this time, if you have not called to schedule your free upgrade, your normal dial tone will be replaced with a "soft dial tone". A soft dial tone prevents incoming calls, and outgoing calls are limited to 911 and 611 only. If you do not contact Cox within 90 days of shifting to a soft dial tone, your telephone service will be disconnected and you'll lose your home phone number.

    Please let us know if you have further questions.

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    Becky is it really a one time battery fee or doesn't Cox charge for replacement batteries?

  • Hi Andrew, you are charged per battery. A one time charge is when you are only charged per item or service as opposed to a rental fee which is a monthly recurring charge.
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    I was told -by Cox - that the backup battery for $29.99 is REFURBISHED battery.  I also had phone service during power outage before the upgrade, but will not now with the upgrade as I won't pay $30.00 + tax for a used battery.  I will use my cell phone if needed.  I have a complaint about the installer and have been given runaround to speak to a person in an office (not a call center rep).  They can give you all sorts of avenues to order, switch, upgrade, move service, etc., but I don't want to talk to an account manager in a call center or a customer service rep in a call center.  They do not want to actually hear about a complaint, just keep the billing coming...after 33 years of being Cox customer, there is no such thing as real support when I want to complain.

  • Floie,

    I understand your concerns and am not aware of any back-up batteries being refurbished. I'd like to help with your other concerns too. Please email with your full name, complete street address and the details of your concerns. Please also include a reference to your forum post.