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Port Forwarding Login Timeout

I have a new modem/router from Cox Communications. It is a Netgear model configured for Cox. I am trying to get my Security Camera DVR back online so I can view cameras on my iPhone app. Using Netgear Genie (V2.05.09) it was simple to set up the ports required by the DVR. I also gave the DVR a static IP address on my network. However I can not get into the open ports from my phone app or any online port check tool. The error is always "Error: I could not see your service on on port (90) - Reason: Connection timed out" or "Login timeout". Cox Customer Support has confirmed that the ports I have chosen are not blocked by them. Multiple reboots of the modem and DVR have not helped. The DVR is up and running so there is a device ready to connect if a port is open.

Netgear will not help since the responsibility for service is on Cox. Cox Customer Support cannot explain or suggest a fix for the errors. I cannot find an answer on any of the "online communities". Perhaps someone has seen this problem before?

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    Support for these devices is limited to basic wifi connectivity when they are rented from us. While port forwarding questions are beyond our scope of support chapters 4 and 5 may be helpful in this manual:

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    Actually port forwarding is in chapter 8 of that manual.  Specifically, see pg 121-122 and select Add Custom Service then see pg 123-124 for details.  I don't have that gateway but the screens look almost identical on my Nighthawk R6700 router,  I can't confirm it works on that device, port forwarding could be disabled by Cox in the firmware, but it does work on my router.