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Pop ups

How do I stop those annoying pop ups that come up in webmail?  I don't get them anywhere else.  


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  • See my post in apps forum. Is that what you are talking about? Cox swears that my computer is infected. Not them . Oh no. never heard of such a thing. Started yesterday. 

    Neither microsift security nor malware bytes finds anything on a scan. 

    They told me I was the only one. MY problem.

  • @Dropped emails,

    You should be able to minimize the suggested sights section by using the minimize button on the line between the ad and inbox section. Are you getting separate window popups or are they contained in the same window?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

  • guenther, i would still like to know if my issue was your issue.  

    please go to the "apps" forum & see how my issue played out. hopefully it helped you too.

    we are definitely in this by ourselves.