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Pop Up Survey from Cox ruins my gaming experience

What idiot over at Cox though that dropping a Cox survey in the middle of an internet session would be a good idea?  I was deep into a game on line and really enjoying it when all of the sudden my page flashed and up came a Cox survey.  It didn't open a new window it actually interrupted the page I was on with my game.  Annoyed, I hit the back button to try and get back to my game and, no surprise, my game was gone - taking me back to the beginning.  Infuriating!!!  Why didn't someone over there set it up so that a stupid waste of time survey request would open a new window and not change the page the user is currently on?  Good way to really piss off your customer.

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    What Cox survey? Sounds like a ad. Have you tried Ad-block? I game all the time and have never had anything like that happen. 

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    Hi, we always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback.  I'll pass what you've said onto our management  team.  

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    I just got one a few minutes ago and I got one another time as well.

    Really is an invasion of privacy.  

    Please advise if this is being done by Cox. Here is a screen shot of it.