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POP is still not working

Not to through fire on the parade or disparage those who think this is solved by a password change, but I am also having problems where Outlook acts like it is connecting and it does not download any of the emails.

I am running Office 365 on a Mac and did not have this problem until the latest upgrade.  Outlook is working fine for my other non Cox account but not working for my Cox account.  I have changed my password so that is not the issue.

The symptoms actually started several weeks ago before the latest update when Outlook either timed out or said it needed me to reenter the password.  Now, it is not timing out, it is not requesting the password, it says it is connecting and the that the file is up-to-date but in reality, it isn't.

So, how do we get this problem resolved?

P.S.  I have been a long time Outlook user with Cox and had not had this problem until recently.