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POP email stopped working with Outlook 2013

My POP email stopped working with Outlook 2013 on Friday morning, 8/19/2016. The Chat representative was unable to help me and set up a ticket. My gmail account is able to access the POP server.

Anyone else having this problem?

Cox has had problems with Outlook in the past, but I don't think it has taken this long to clear it up.

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    With Outlook is it giving you a specific error message when you attempt to send and receive the account or is it prompting you for the user name and password each time you attempt?

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    Timing out because it can't log in. I've talked with Tech Supp several times, they have a ticket ongoing. This is strictly with the POP3 server and Outlook 2013. The IMAP server works fine. POP3 works fine with my is able to log in and pull the email from the server.

    I want to keep using POP.  I don't want to leave mail on the server, I want to continue using Outlook. 

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    Let us know the outcome, and if we can offer any further assistance. We'll be happy to follow-up on this for you.
  • I had a similar issue with Outlook 2010 that I *just* solved by changing the password and then updating outlook with the new password.

    No idea why this fixed the issue but maybe it will work for you.

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