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Poor website experience

My mission is to find a TV package for an elderly person. They don't have and never will have a smartphone or a need to move around the house and still watch TV or record anything. It is impossible to locate your offerings and determine your prices. I personally have your Advanced Premiere TV - which I am told by the chat folks is an "ala carte" offering. Can't find ala carte offerings. All the offerings (without prices) are Contour this and Contour that. By the way, when I investigate modifying my TV package all I can find are buttons that offer me upgrades to the next level of service. Absolutely nothing to allow me to price compare and shop packages. I'm pretty sure you do this deliberately. Either that or your IT team is completely incompetent in which case I want a job. I resent being forced to spend time on chat only to be told I have to contact Sales. I resent having to get in my car and going to your location so I can talk to a sales person. I do not want to be "upsold". I simply want your offerings and what the prices are. Recall I am the one giving you money. This is rank deception and manipulation on your part. I too have taken Marketing 101 and can see what you are doing. How likely am I to recommend your services? Not likely. How likely am I to drop or cancel services? Pretty likely. While there may not be much competition in the industry I can make a strong case for cutting the cord. And a final - just plain irritating issue - I am using Cox internet. I sign on. Your system thinks I live in another city and tells me that there are no Cox offerings in that area. And would I please enter my zip code? You don't seem to have any trouble sending me my monthly bill. How about extending that rudimentary customer knowledge and business logic to your website? Seriously - I have the skills necessary to clean this mess up for you. The basic one, of course, is listening to the customer and not overwhelming them with obscurity and obfuscation in order to drive them into your sales locations. This would have the effect of reducing costs - not that those savings would be passed on - but your senior management would be thrilled at the ability to retain these extra earnings for themselves.

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    Hello Steve3141,

    Were you looking to make some changes to your current services and help someone else find a TV package? If you like, I can setup a callback for you with an Account Services specialist to speak with you.