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Poor HD TV Reception

Why are my Cox HD Channels pixelating? The analog channels are fine, but the HD channels stutter? This is especially noticeable on channel 1010, Fox 10 HD in Scottsdale, AZ. I reset my cable box, and the same problem exists. The problem occurs on multiple TV's. The problem has occurred for approximately one week. Is cox cutting back their signal to save $$$?

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    Time to call Cox and have them check signal levels.  

  • Hi SPB1,

    When TV channels break into little squares, or pixelate—also called tiling—it is often a sign that the cable receiver may not be getting the correct strength of signal. The most common cause of tiling is often simply a loose coax connection or a coax splitter that needs to be replaced.

    Does the tiling seem to happen only during live shows or sporting events, or during all broadcasts? Live sporting events are not compressed as much before being sent to you, and are therefore sensitive to signal issues at the home. We tend to see more tiling on live events than pre-recorded events and TV shows.

    Since it is happening on multiple TVs in your case, the source of the problem may be in our equipment outside your house. We may need to schedule a service call so an on-site tech can investigate. Email our team at and include your full name, address, and the link (URL) to this page. We'll take a closer look and help you schedule a service call.