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Poor download performance, Phoenix area

Is anyone noticing poor download performance in the Phoenix area? I've got the 350/35 service. Typically when I download from Steam I get right around 40. Today seems to be very erratic and between 1 and 10. I've tried the speed tests on the COX site. There are two different tests. One is I think a more local server and I get around 300 down and 35 up, the other is a LA server and I get very erratic performance down, and about 35 up. Seems to be a download issue maybe downstream? Anyone else noticing poor download performance? I tried a modem reset, no help. On line chat only got me info that no local outages are reported.

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  • steelerfan

    There are several outages happening in the Phoenix area at this time. Please send an email to: and include your full address so I can take a look at the modem. Please write Cox Forums Internet in the email header. Thanks!

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    I've been having this exact same problem, also the Phoenix area. On the 150 Mbps plan, getting download speed below 100 Mbps, as low as in the low twenties at times.  I've noticed the problem since Sunday evening 4/9.  Every evening since it's been an issue from 8pm ish until 12-1am PST.  Then today it started around 3 pm PST after running fine all morning and early afternoon (I twitch stream so on constantly).  The upload speed is not affected, just the download speed. Had no issues prior like this.  I'm hard wired not using wifi.  Noticing other posts with this exact same problem popping up here...  

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    Looking at your speed test history it looks like something may have been changed as recently as yesterday allowing you to get good results. Are you still experiencing any issues?