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Poor Connectivity to EVERY Twitch Ingest Server

Ok so for months now I've been plagued with dropped frames, in the 10s of thousands almost every stream. My upload speeds are usually around 10-11mbps. I've used Xsplit and currently use OBS Studio, and have always kept my settings at 720p60fps, 3500-4000kbps Bitrate.

The dropped frames get so bad that I have to lower my bitrate to around 2000kbps, which is obviously not ideal for 720p60fps, and I still get 10000+ dropped frames a stream with stream drops even with the lowered bitrate.

I've talked to my Cox in every format available and have been extremely unhelpful, even sent a tech out to my house that literally ran a speed test, made a phone call, then charged me $75 which is absolutely absurd. Talking to the live support on twitter basically just ends with them saying that theres not anything wrong and its a problem on twitch's end, which Is VERY unlikely or these problems would be widespread.

Now doing speed tests during the time that i stream show varied results, sometimes it shows up as fine, and other times my upload speeds show up as being low. But regardless of what the speedtests show up as I always have problems. And obviously conveniently the Ookla speed tests always read fine, where as every other speed test shows low upload usually.

Also just for the *** of it I tried streaming with my mobile hotspot on my phone, which should obviously be much more unstable than my wired cable internet (also has a lower upload speed), and during a test I did streaming about 100MBs of data at 5000kbps, I dropped only 200 frames with my mobile host spot, and nearly 2700 frames with my wired internet.....

I would like to add once again that this is almost EVERY day. Ive had 2 days since February (july 4 & 5) where everything tested just fine, but now its back to the same old **.

This is a pic of my connection on July 4th:

This Is a pic of my connection to Twitch servers as of writing this (And nearly every day):

The bandwidth tests should be reading 10000+ on AT LEAST the Dallas server, and the quality should be at least 80 for a stable stream and as you can tell its at a laughable almost Flat 0 on every server.....

I want to add also that YES, I have tried restarting my modem and router, NO there is no splitter, YES the Tracert is coming back fine. My modem is about a year old, and my router is about a month old. Both of my PCs are WIRED. There are no devices connected to the WiFi, so My 2 PCs are the only thing connected PERIOD, and I am the only person using the internet in the house. The Ookla Speed test (including the Cox Ookla powered one) shows my speeds as fine, and every other speed test shows my upload as low. That should clear up the basic things that get asked of my every time I talk to Customer Support.

This is clearly a Throttling, congestion, or routing issue. Everyone keeps dancing around the real problem and I'm completely sick of it.


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    I have the same issue. Its almost as bad as dial up! Evenings and weekends are horrible. I can't even get a speed test because it times out! I remember when cox was the only service I would even consider but it's become obvious that they do not care about the horrible service. I'm locked into a contract for something that is absolutely useless and I'm forced to use my phone service if I need internet.