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Poor Connection Quality at Night

I stream games on Twitch.Tv and have been in this apartment for over a year now.  I have experienced the usual disconnects due to maintenance, a rogue storm, etc.  Starting November 11th, however, every night around 6:00 PM -8:00 PM CST, my connectivity to Twitch takes a dive.  Download seems consistent, but Uploads are choppy and drop anywhere from 25 - 80% frames.  Initially, I thought this was an OBS encoding/settings issue so I spent the weekend troubleshooting and changing settings with no success.  I began checking my hardware for driver updates, put additional memory into my computer, etc.  I tried to fix ever issue I could find before moving onto the next step, my internet connection.

Using the Twitch Broadband Tester, I got the following results:

Prior to November 11th, I saw some minor dropped frames, but even at its worse, the connection never went with more than 10% dropped frames.  I usually connect to the Dallas hub, but have tried Chicago and San Fransisco with no improvements.  I troubleshot the Twitch connection via their website and staff and everything I keep turning up points to an issue with the ISP Cox.  I've run multiple speed tests, (, cox speed test, and the only one that consistently shows a "good connection" is Cox's.  I don't know if I can rely on it, because I am sure that my connection to Cox is good (4 techs visiting have confirmed it), but my connection to Twitch.Tv at night drops significantly.  (Also experience slower internet over all at night, but Cox's speed test again shows everything's OK.)

I've had my modem replaced (a newer Arris modem), had Ingress checked multiple times (all during the morning because us night shifters get NO love from Cox or their technicians).  Performed multiple DNS flushes, Modem Resets, Changed the Cables from computer to modem, changed the splitter cable from the TV and Modem, BYPASSED the splitter cable from the TV and modem, updated the modem firmware and have called into tech support so much I have memorized a good chunk of their call center staff.  After being told all is good and it was Twitch's fault, I switched over to Youtube Gaming and experienced the exact same problem.

A supervisor was sent out during the daytime on 11/7 to test the lines again and found no issues, but sure enough, 6 PM rolls around and my internet tanks.  He believes there may be noise intermittent noise in the line during that time frame, but no techs are available to troubleshoot at that time.  Called the call center again tonight after experiencing bad connectivity and was told everything is alright.  Checked the forums and found that there have been other people experiencing the same/similar issues in other parts of Cox's networks.  I need to know what is going on.  Please let me know what information you need, will provide it.

TL;DR - Cannot stream to Twitch.Tv, Youtube Gaming or Hitbox because of poor connection quality.  Send help.

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    @Fatal Riot

    I would start with the basics, can you sign into your account and try some speed tests there while the problem is occurring and see what results you get? If those results are good there's likely not a service problem but something with the connection between you and your destination.

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    There is no hope.  I would advise giving up streaming on Twitch.