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Please add Search Theme Premiere and Grid View of Favorite Channels to Contour

I will add another post about adding the ability to search for premieres to the Contour system. This week my old box broke, and I was forced to "upgrade" to a Contour box. It is a disappointment. I have noticed that several other posts on this exact topic have been opened for the last 2 1/2 years. The same stock answer has been given, and those posts have been closed/locked. Come'on Cox, don't remove features! Give us all something more than "... I'll pass that on to the development team". Give us something tangible. And speaking of features that are missing, where did the "Grid View of Favorite Channels" go ? The only Grid View you give is all the channels ? That's hundreds of channels in the grid I don't want to keep paging up/down through. I've had the new Contour box 2 days, and I have 2 disappointments with it.

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    KevinCidSD I apologize that you have two disappointments with the new Contour box.  I will filter your requests to the developers but I do not have any new information for you.  


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    I agree KevinCinSD. I thought customization was a selling point, I want my old box back. 

  • @Buttons,

    Hello. What seems to be the issue with the box?

    Allan - Support Forums Moderator.

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    Allan, I'm sorry you drew the short straw.  Hey look, the problems are written above ... but on the hope that you guys may get your @#$%$@ together, I'll type them one more time.

    1) There is no Grid View for Favorite channels.  That was a feature of the older box.  The "new" "improved" Contour box can not.

    2) There is no way to view the "New Releases" or "First Run" programming.  You have a function buried, and I mean buried very deep in your menu'ing that will allow a user to look for First Run programs that are similar to a program.  That is ** !!!!!!  The older box allowed me to search for "First Run" series.  The older box allowed me to search for "New Release" movies, albeit that feature was marginal, as it labeled any movie that was being shown on that channel as a "New Release" even if it was a 10+ year old movie.

    3) When selecting channels to skip, it takes 3-4 tries before the setting finally works.  Seriously ??!!!!? What other functions am I trying to do on the box that I need to go back and check 3 or 4 times before I can have any degree of confidence this new POS box will do what I want.

    4) Search ... what a joke.  It is fairly useless because all the skipped channels report any vaguely similar show.  THERE IS A REASON I WANTED THOSE CHANNELS SKIPPED.  At the very least, I should be able to toggle skipped channels on/off in the search menu !

    The new box has very few upsides.  It looks like I have more storage.  I can play my Pandora stations.  Neither of these compel me to the content on Cox.

    I have started to use IMDB to search for premieres and new releases.  IMDB is pointing me to all these other wonderful sources for content, THAT ARE NOT COX !

    You guys only have a short amount of time before I get used to using other services for finding content, and then ultimately I view content on these other services.

    Don't give me an inferior box.  Don't demand me to give you all these recommendations which can't possibly match my interests with the wide array of content.  Let me check out the new shows myself.  Stop hiding this information from me.

    Clear enough ?

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    Thank you for the feedback. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.