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Playstation Vue

I am unable to access Playstation Vue. All forms of access (PC, Roku, Amazon Firestick, iPhone) give the same error when connected to Cox. The error states that the service is not avaliable from my current location. When attempting to connect with iPhone cell data everthing works, therefor this tells me it is an issue with Cox. I have spoke with Playstation Customer Service and they told me that there is an issue with my IP address. I have also noticed that many Cox customers from the Lafayette, La area are having the same issue of connecting to Playstation Vue services via Cox Internet. Any resolution on this issue?

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  • Hi Bost1217,

    To clarify, are you able to access the internet using your PC? You mentioned quite a few devices. Have you gone through the PlayStation Vue subscription activation process on one of your TV-connected devices (PS4, PS3, Firestick, Roku)?