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I was trying to continue my Black Sails series and I clicked the recently watched tab ti check where I had left off. I had realized that i had already finished that episode. I tried to go back and I clicked the following one and then I got a PIP in the top right of the screen. I was going to unplug thr DVR but realized that I had some shows recording. How and why is the happening? I also have a picture but I cant figure out how to add it

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  • Hi Bgorski25,

    Cox doesn't support Picture-In-Picture (PIP), so we're not sure how this is happening. We're investigating this issue and would like more information. What brand and model is your TV? Does the TV have PIP functionality? How is the TV connected to the DVR? (HDMI, component, etc.) Was the episode of Black Sails playing in the PIP window? What happened when the episode was over? We'd really like to get to the bottom of this.