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Picture in Picture

Why does Cox Advanced TV not support Picture in Picture controls? I was able to get it with the first Contour box. Why would that feature be taken away and can we expect it to return to later packages?

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  • Hi Colaminus,

    Picture-in-picture is a feature of some television receivers and similar devices. I'm not sure how picture-in-picture (PIP) was working on your first Contour receiver, as PIP is not a supported feature for any Cox TV product. We are always improving our products, however, so it's possible that PIP may be available at some point in the future. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our Video Management Team so your voice will be heard!

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    Becky, I had PIP on my Rovi DVR's provided by Cox. The PIP's controls (size, switch, placement on screen) are on the bottom of the remotes. I was not informed when I switched to Contour that I would be losing that feature. Had I known, I would not have switched. PIP is that important to me, because my work requires me to watch two newscasts at the same time to compare content. Now I'll have to add a separate tv to accomplish the same thing. Not ideal at all. Other Cisco platforms have PIP. Why doesn't Contour?

  • Hi Sandiegotv,

    The picture-in-picture feature is a function of the television. Every once in a while we'll hear from a customer who reports the PIP feature works with their particular TV and cable receiver. Because it is rare, and because none of our products support PIP, it isn't something that our representatives think to mention when folks upgrade to the Contour platform. I'm sorry about that! We don't have any information about whether PIP will be supported in the future.