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Phone/headset static/interference

I currently work at home using a company provided phone in combination with a Plantronics m22 amplifier and a plantronics wired headset.   I take a lot of phone calls and for the past few months I can't use my headset basically.   I am getting interference whenever speaking into the headset.   Without the headset/amp combo it works fine.   My theory is that is is related to my desk I am using but I can't be sure.  I have swapped out the AAstra phone, the amplifier, the headset, and even the phone cord from the modem,   and I still get the interference.  I am at wit's end.    Some research indicates it is likely RF interference coming from somewhere.  I have my own router an ASUS RT-N66U.  I have tried moving the phone as far as possible from router/cellphones and anything else I can think of that might broadcast a signal to no avail.   It is possible it is still the equipment?  Do you guys have any recommendations for what phone/headsets work well with your service?   Anything I can purchase that might help?  An RF filter?

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    I am a little confused by your post. Do you have Cox phone service and connecting an analog phone + amp + headset to it or are you using a VoIP phone connected directly to Cox internet? I assume the later, VoIP ... actually, that may be a little outside the scope of this forum. Since the AAstra phone works fine stand-a-lone, and only gives problems when connected to the Plantronics amp/headset, you may have better results contacting Plantronics.

    How is the phone connected to the internet, wired or WiFi? Are you having any other problems with your internet connection like speed, packet loss, etc? Also, a quick search here shows the M22 compatible with most but not all AAstra phones.

  • It is an astra 9116 connected directly to the cox modem via normal phone wire.      I resolved the issue by buying a 10 dollar headset.     This is used in place of the amp/headset combo from plantronics.  I still don't know why it has the problem.

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    Have you tried different settings on the "fine tuning" slide switch on the side of the m22? If it's interference, the only way to find it is to start turning off things (lights, TV, computer, etc) until it stops.