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Phone Upgrade Offer

 Hello, I have a question I can't seem to get answered. I got a letter with this offer for a free phone upgrade. When I talked to the representative they said it is a separate modem just for the phone. Why is a separate modem needed for the phone? And how can you have two modems on the same connection? This won't replace the actual DOCSIS modem I already own will it?


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    @ gcc3422

    Basically, you have a box on the side or back of residents that brings the dial tone inside the new modem (EMTA) is replacing that and you can still use your internet modem. Phone box outside outdated legacy platform to new technology platform with the new modem (EMTA). = JJ
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    If I have the outside box replaced and a new 'phone modem' installed inside, do I then have to pay rental on the new modem?  My current house phones have a central unit that plugs into a phone jack/outlet in the wall.  That phone outlet is wired to the outside unit.  Is this still going to work or would I need to buy a new phone system?

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    If you have one of our eMTA's for phone that does not have the home networking feature they are leased to the customer for no charge so long as you have phone. This device can replace your data modem although that is not necessary and will work with your existing phones.