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Phone Upgrade Letter

I also received the letter from Cox stating that a digital phone upgrade was required.  I have the Cox Bundle with Phone, TV and Internet.  I use a Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 ETMA Modem (Model DPQ3212) and a Netgear router.  It provides great Wi-Fi for our smartphones and tablets.  So, is this required Cox upgrade going to add a SECOND modem to our house?  And if so, am I required to obtain the Cox approved unit for $180?  Or can I simply continue to use our current Cisco modem for our Wi-Fi needs and get the "free" upgrade.  The "upgrade" web page on the Cox site is confusing on this issue.

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  • Hi Trilogy Bill,

    It sounds like you might be currently using your Cisco DPQ3212 for internet-only. If so, you should be able to keep your current modem. Since the DPQ3212 is also capable of providing your telephone service, we can have a tech switch your phone system from the NIU outside your home to the DPQ3212. You might not need to change any equipment inside your home!

  • Becky:  Thank you.  This is what I was hoping for.  I will get into the "updatemyphone" section of the Cox Website and schedule the free upgrade.

  • You're welcome, Trilogy Bill! Let us know if we can answer any future questions.

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    Will my phone service still work without the upgrade?

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    Phone service would be unaffected whether you keep the current phone modem or swap to the new modems. The new modems are dealing with internet service changes specifically.


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    just to add cox rents phone modems for free customers do not/can't purchase their own

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    Becky somewhere later in this forum Bill said if I don't update, my phone service will not be affected.  Is that true?  I do not have a modem set up to my phone.  I do have a modem and just ordered a new one but I'm still confused about whether or not I really need to schedule someone to come out and what the cost will be for the new modem in the future.  I know it says free but there's always a cost down the line.  Thanks.

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    If you currently have Cox telephone service, you already have a telephone modem in your home.  It can either be a standalone device or software added to your Internet modem.  Cox telephone is a digital service, so you need a modem to convert the digital signal to analog...and then transfer the analog signal (call) onto the analog telephone wiring within your walls and phone jacks.

    Where did you get your current modem...from Cox?  Is it currently plugged to a telephone jack?  If your new modem is listed in Cox Certified Cable Modems AND it has a RJ-11 connector (phone jack), it should work for Cox telephone service.

    If your new modem doesn't have a RJ-11, Cox will issue you a digital telephone modem for free.  To add to Andrew's comment, by law since 1983, if you subscribe to any telephone service from any provider, any equipment required to receive the service must be free.  Telephone companies used to force you to lease their telephones.  This law ended that scam.

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    The Phone Upgrade Letter is more persuasive than informational.  The Letter reads, "With this new equipment, you'll continue to get reliable, quality phone service" and " avoid service impact..."  However, as a Moderator contradicted, my phone service will be unaffected without the upgrade.

    The upgrade only enables "next-generation services," which is online call-blocking and probably scheduling quiet times.  The upgrade may be free but I'm sure Cox will still charge for the call-blocking service.  Cox is pushing the upgrade so more customers will subscribe to their call-blocking services.  $$$

    Thanks to Nomorobo, call-blocking has become almost useless because the scammers are spoofing numbers one call at-a-time.  Meaning, I'll get a scam call from one number and then the same scam call from another number.  Why block the numbers?  They haven't called again from the same number.  I'd just be blocking ghosts.

    Sure, there are repeat offenders but my telephone...or Nomorobo...has successfully blocked them.  It's cheaper to purchase a standalone call-blocking device than to continually pay a monthly fee.

  • My new Panoramic TG1682 upgrade does not have a dial tone.  If I wait 24 hours they say the dial tone may return.