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phone unavailable

We have not been able to call to our home phone for two days. Occasionally a recorded message comes on saying, "We're sorry, but due to telephone company facility trouble, your call cannot be completed at this time." Any information on a correction time?

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    I checked the equipment from here and it all looks normal as far as I can tell. Can you try plugging a phone directly into the Cisco eMTA modem and see if it works there?

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    Chris, as it ended up, the phone account had to be torn down and rebuilt, including the mailbox. Since I wasn't storing any messages, even that wasn't a problem. Hat Tip to James in Wichita, and the female staff member (did not learn her name) that he worked with. The whole process was 40-ish minutes.


  • Hi Leslie,

    I'm glad to hear James and Deanna were able to get the issue resolved for you. I'll make sure they know how much you appreciated their assistance!