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Phone Tools Unavailable

I have never been able to access phone tools online.  Since day 1 of getting cox service.  I have called multiple times, chatted multiple times, have a service request # etc and even today talked to someone at 2nd tier but sitll no resolution.  My incoming calls are going to a voicemail that I never set up - I never wanted and now some of my incoming calls are being blocked.  I keep getting the run around.  Now they tell me that its a software upgrade that has been in progress for months and won't be resolved until sometine in July and I just have to deal with it.

What a piece of ** this service is.  - By the way they told me access phone tools to figure out how to access voice mail - duh!  If I could access phone tools i wouldn't have a problem!  I didn't wnat their voice mail and don't want to block my incoming phone calls especially from my kids - my kids couldnt even call their dad on fathers day - calls were blocked. This is so ridiculous.  

Does anyone know corporate # that I can call to get help.  By the way I urchased the highest internet with the premier contour everywhere service and I get horrible service and all i get is that they don't have extenders in stock - 6 months later.

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    We have received your email and will assist you there. Please allow me to add an option, we did not cover in the email. Until all is well with your Phone Tools ticket, you may use the features by phone. Activation and setup steps can be found on our site. Please start with this link:

    -Erica W.