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Phone Tools Suggestion

This isn't so much a question as a suggestion, but there was no place to put in feed back either on phone tools or the support article that I could find. It was very difficult to figure out how to turn on readable voice mail just because under settings there is no indication that voice mail is expandable. It looked like it was just an on/off setting. Putting an Plus icon next to it could make finding those settings a lot easier.

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  • Thank you for the suggestion. I forwarded it to our development team.
  • Semi-off topic but...

    Perhaps making available for review numbers that customers have added to their block list... give us an easy means of dropping entries that are no longer being used to harass.

  • Hi, you can review the numbers in your list: I hope this helps.

  • A little arcane way of managing the list but then again, thirty numbers is a fairly meaningless level when the robo-harassment and scam artistry is so out of control.  It would be a little silly to expect state of the art interface to manage something so archaic.

    Thank you for the link

    MichaelJ said:
    Hi, you can review the numbers in your list: I hope this helps.

  • I just can't believe that our "friend in the digital age" has such a completely obsolete method of blocking numbers.  Really, this is out of the 1980s.  You should easily be able to add and subtract numbers to your blocked list from the Cox website.

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    If people are willing to pay, why would Cox change it?

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