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Phone tools not logging calls

The title says it all.  I've noticed some glitches recently in how it was logging... including listing calls that I'd receive=d as though they were calls I'd made... those disappeared completely and calls received and made over the weekend failed to log as well as a scam call from "Microsoft" criminals who called today because my computer was sending messages supposedly from a Washington, D.C. number.

I'm getting the sense that for this feature to continue working, I'm going to need to periodically alert you when it stops working- which it has a long history of doing repeatedly.  Perhaps my observations were of the results from work technicians are doing to attempt .fixing a problem but without so much as a word of notification (heck, I'm only a paying customer, why would Cox deign to tell me anything relating to the services I'm paying for????), I'm left to play guessing games and bring my aggravation to these discussions for everyone to enjoy.

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  • Got a second call from the Washington, D.C. spoof that tried to convince me my computer was sending out messages and that call failed to log as well.

  • Call from "Bridgeport Ct"... likely 3rd party elecct5ric supplier telemarketer... call not logged.

  • Hey, chopped liver here.... more calls not being logged.  I think the phone tools are down- at least for me- if that even matters.

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    I apologize for the delay. I will need to review your Phone Tools and submit a ticket. Please email us at with the account details and a link to this post.

  • My phone tools also completely quit working on the Cox mobile app (just a spinning circle and never loads the call history) and also the caller ID no longer shows up on my TV.  I've gone into the settings on the remote and turned it off and back on, and unplugged the box and restarted it and still no calls show up.

  • hi stephanie.  remember me from the apps forum? (can't log into webmail from ipad mini)

    well, i just notice my phone history hasn't registered anything since 8/24.

    tell me again what i'm paying $200/mo for????  my phone hasn't worked properly for years & the tv is tiling again.

  • Davidoo and socal transplant, We can take a follow-up look at the account for the phone history and picture tiling. Please email us at with your name and account information and a link to this forums as well.

  • Having the same issue; trying to look at phone calls on past bills, but can't find where to look. Maybe same thing is happening to my account also