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Phone modem upgrade/install

I was wondering if this install requires another hole drilled in my house and does the phone base have to be plugged directly into the modem?  My wife wants our base to stay in the kitchen and not where my cable modem is.  Please reply if you know the complete installation process.  Thank you!

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    I had s similar problem and eventually came up with a reasonable solution. First of all, one reason that I went with Cox phone was my regular telephone service provider always had problems connecting to my house. Their last repair person told me that my inside house wiring was bad and that it needed to be replaced to get good telephone reception throughout the house. At that time was was using a Panasonic portable system with a base and 3 remote phones in addition to 3 other phones connected to the house wiring. When Cox installed the phone/tv/internet system the MODIM was was near a the TV, not where my wife wanted any phone.We settled for putting the portable phone base there and lost all of our direct phone access..

    After a year I finally decided to try this: I used a long phone wire and plugged the MODEM phone line into the house phone wiring. Amazingly, I could then plug any phone into any existing home phone receptacle just like before. (I didn't have to rewire the inside of the house.)