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Phone is dead after replacing Cox modem

I went online chat with support, after 30 minutes was asked it the telephone jack was plugged into back on new modem. 

(Yes, of course). 

I have rebooted the telephone modem manually in the back, twice, rebooted the phone. Tried both ports 1 and 2 on modem. Internet , and my Netgear WI FI work perfectly.

Cannot get the phone to work. It worked fine before the switch. I only switched because I was going from DOCSYS 2.0 to 3.0.

Got the modem at a Cox service center. It has been activated at their office, by them. 

Any other thoughts out there? I am really frustrated with the online chat. Just not helpful. They are juggling too many customers, and they stall between answers. 

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  • Hello,

    Are you using the modem for both phone and data?  Asking as there are two modems on the account.  Currently they have data on one and phone provisioned to the other.  If using same modem for both, we can move the provisioning for the phone to the data modem.

  • Yes, just like the modem I swapped out, yes, using telephone and modem on the same device. 

    Just like it was before. So, if COX has done this, they have made an error, like I suggested to the on line chat techs. 

    They are not listening to me. I cannot make phone calls to them to explain this. No cell phone service where I live. Trying to connect to wifi, but T Mobile cannot authenticate my address. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone here. 

    It was an easy swap out. There is not reason why Cox has two modems on the account. None. 

  • Dear Cox Person on this forum, 

    Help me! the online chat guy is not responding to my statement that I cut and pasted above. I keep asking if the phone is provisioned on the new modem, and he won't get off the script. 

    He is telling me that I purchased the modem. I am now being told to take the modem into a Cox Center. I live out in Silverado, very far from any center. This task cannot be that hard; simply provision the telephone for my new modem, that COX provided me yesterday. I did not purchase my own. 

    I am in disbelief here. 

  • After one hour, or so , on the chat line, I am being told that a technician has to visit my house. 

    Poor guy is going to realize that someone made a mistake and did not provision the phone to the new Cox modem that was given to me yesterday. 

    Can't this simply be resolved on your end?

    Help no phone service at all. No cell service here. 

    Vivian A Wyngaarden714 649-2127

    don't call though, the phone doesn't work! They are now sending a tech out tomorrow, but did not give time frame, I was told however, that he would call me 45 minutes prior to coming out. How is he to do that?

  • Hi liberty92676,

    I would be glad to help you!  Please send us an email to so that we can assist you further.  Please be sure to include the link to this URL.  We look forward to assisting you. 

  • I have sent an email with the URL as you requested, with a short explanation of this very easy to fix problem. 

    It is beyond me why a technician has to visit me tomorrow, when clearly a mistake has been made. the phone simply needs to be provisioned for the new modem , that your company provided me with yesterday. 

    That is all! 

  • It is now 2:07, been without a phone for about 24 hours. 

    No return email. 


  • Hello,

    We know Latitia has responded and we apologize for the inconvience.  We are still looking into this as well.  If we have any updates prior to the tech's arrival we will let you know.

  • Danny, 

    After 3 days, and losing internet yesterday afternoon, it is now resolved. 

    It is a shame that your own company did not follow your advice. I cut and pasted your response, and still they could not follow it. 

    Instead, they killed my internet yesterday. 

    Thank you very much for your excellent troubleshooting. You walk alone Sir.