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phone hacked

I have a landline connected to your modem with service provided by basic talk.I had no problem for years then you sent me request that I get phone service from cox and suddenly my phone service isn't working correctly. I can receive calls but I cant dial out.If this is actually something a cox tech has done I suggest you stop or I will sue.

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  • mikemoko,

    When you pick up the phone to make an outbound call, are you hearing a Dial tone or dead air? You can receive calls, but can't make outbound calls. Are you getting a message when you attempt to make a call? If there's a message is it a male or female? If this hasn't been resolved, please email us at with your name and address and any details as to what you hear when attempting to make an outbound call.

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    the talk has an adapter you need to use and hook that up to a router then the modem 

    get a standalone modem from cox not a phone modem