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Phone contacts are not available when sending email

When I try to send an email from my iphone and hit the + in the emal to pull up contacts none of my phone contacts highlight for me to send anyone an email.  This started when I changed my password, had so many problems that I returned to my original password. Returning to the old password cleared some problems and I can send emails again but cannot pull up contacts like I could before.

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    First, this has nothing to do with Cox phone service, which is a landline based service.  I'm not sure it has anything to do with changing your password, unless, maybe, you deleted and re-added your Cox account and your contacts got deleted in the process.  Just guessing.

    What contacts are you trying to access.  You can't access your Cox webmail contacts in the email app on your iPhone.  Are these contacts stored locally on your iPhone or in the Apple cloud?  Are you syncing with something like gmail contacts?  Is anything showing up in the iPhone Contacts app?  Maybe you would be better off contacting Apple support or posting this question on an Apple support forum.

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    I called Apple support.  Apparently with the most recent iphone update the Cox contacts, locally stored on the iphone, don't pull through the same way in email as before.  You have to individually enter and store the email address in each phone contact or type the contact name in the email address line for it to pull.  It will no longer pull just using the + on the email address line.