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Phone "box"

Just discontinued my phone service. Continue my internet service with Cox. When I discontinued at the Cox store it was a simple transaction. Then I got a fee of 122$ - was told it was for unreturned equipment.  I have a router, a modem, ( both are mine)and a Direct TV phone box. What would that look like?  The only thing I can think of is when I bought my router and modem and had them hooked up.....that replaced my phone box????  My phone worked fine with the above set-up.  I'm confused. What phone box??

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    The Cox telephone service is delivered to the home via a unique type of cable modem called an eMTA. This device is designed to provide both telephone and Internet service although depending on the customer's needs may only provide telephone. We loan these devices to customers free so long as there is telephone service on the account however once telephone service is disconnected they need to be returned or leased if you wish to continue using it for any reason. I'd suggest looking around the home for a Motorola or Cisco device that looks like it could be a cable modem. Should you find one this is likely the equipment in question.

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    SO I am thinking when I bought a new modem and replaced the cox modem.....i disposed of the box.  I remember  that a technician was at the house for something else and he said the modem was not working properly and needed to be replaced.  I replaced - but had no idea that it also controlled the telephone.  Ugh. I guess I am out of luck  :(

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    Hopefully you just tossed the box and not the modem.  We know a lot of people that will hold on to old equipment in case the current one stops all together.  They may have to look hard to find the back up but sometimes can use it for testing.  We hope you can locate the old modem.  If so please let us know as it can be returned and the charge can be credited back to your account in the future.

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    If it's also a phone modem, why are you charging Barbs to get it back?  It's out-of-date and incompatible on the Cox network.  What will Cox do with it...dispose of it?  You're charging $122 to just throw it out?

    It's not that Cox loaned it for free.  They have to loan it for free.  If a subscriber needs equipment for phone service, all providers have to loan the required equipment for free,  The FCC eliminated that racket (renting telephones) back in the 80's.