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Phoenix Area Interruptions


Why is there a daily interruption in the Tempe/Phoenix area? I experience minute-long outages (full modem outage, lights all turn off) 5-15 times daily. It may not seem like much of an inconvenience, but this is every single day and is a massive problem for those of us that need a reliable, stable connection. I've been using your services for only 4 months now and so far your only troubleshooting is "did you try turning it off and back on again?" and "Oh it must be your modem, swap it 3 times. That should fix it." Which, again, this is a location based issue and can be easily determined with a quick glance at any day of the week at any time of day.

I've done your phone support (every single agent says "Must be the modem. Try a different one.") and I've tried having a technician out to fix your issue (which you tried to charge me $55 for, twice, without notifying me) and at this point my only assumption is that you want me to switch providers. Which I'm fine with. But at least be honest about the issue.

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    I live at the Phx/Tempe border and have not had any interruptions.

    Sending out a technician used to be free.  Now there is a charge ( i thought it was $75) if the problem is inside your home.  That is worrisome because i don't know what box (on the invoice) the technician is going to check when he leaves. I always ask them as they are leaving. 

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    I am pretty sure there has always been charges for any trouble call caused by a problem after the demarc/house box. This would include inside wiring and customer equipment. This wouldn't include modem hardware issues if you rent the modem. See here for more discussion.

    As for the issue, I have noticed a increase of threads from the AZ area, specifically Phoenix. This shows some reporting full down for last 24hr or so. However DSLR is quiet. 

    Can you post your signal levels from or what ever your modem/gateway uses? AZ has a history of US SNR problems, and I think thats why they were first to go fiber. I have also been seeing some IPv6 DNS issues but I don't think thats related.