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phishing emails

I am trying to send a phishing email on to Amazon. but every time I try it is blocked by cox. I get the following error::

An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:  5.2.0 gR1h1w0043k3sR601R1ibU This message was undeliverable. This message has been found to be a potential spam message, and has therefore been blocked. Please visit for more information.. Please check the message and try again

please advise

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    Hi cmoresmifs,

    Just to verify what you are saying, you want to send a phishing email to Amazon?

  • oh, good grief dej1. i don't think you get the point.  this person has probably gotten a phishing email that purports (look it up) to be from amazon. they want to forward it to amazon, as lots of upstanding companies have their own teams to go after this stuff. but after cox has let this email get thru there spam filter?? they recognize it's spam & won't let us forward it.  sorry cmoresmifs, you're out of luck.  happens to me all the time.