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persistent new email app error messages: timeouts to host; proxy error;

In addition to above error messages, clicking "empty trash" does not empty folder, the property value email record count remains the same. Since trash folder will not empty, I'm unable to complete mailbox maintenance which contains > 1000 messages. There is a slower and laborious method of selecting and then permanently delete 50 messages at time. Even this slow and labor intensive option is not a guaranteed of success.

 I need a solution to emptying trash folder with > 5,000 emails.

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    It can take time for larger amounts of message to clear and each version of the Webmail site does time out after 30 minutes so depending on the total number of messages can cause problems in the process as well. Are you logging in through the Classic view or through the MyEmail site to access that account?

  • I have the exact problem I've spent the last 2 weeks emptying and deleting e-mails. I also use Mail on my Mac. My Mail program has had every single e-mail, deleted message and sent message deleted, yet my Cox mail account will not delete them. I have now spent all day Saturday and Sunday deleting on the Cox mail account, and then they all come back. Now I'm getting "you are now locked out because you have exceeded your alloted amounts". I called tech support, and they said it is a "known problem" with no idea when it will be solved. 

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    I have been getting the same error message for the last couple of weeks.  It's saying "INBOX has been closed on mail server probably your request took too long."  I've talked to the Customer Service Rep and all she can tell is that my e-mail account was deactivated due to inactivity.  I have been on my e-mail several times a day to get my e-mails so why I got deactivated just baffled me.  

    Is there any resolution to this persistent error?  This is really getting frustrating!  

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    Hi MaLHula,

    The error is a known issue and we are working on a fix.  We thank you for your patience.  Please email us at with your account information so that we can check if a ticket has been created for you and if it has been associated with the known issue.  Please include a link to this post.  Thanks.