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Periodic disconnects

I've been experiencing intermittent issues for the last several days.  It appears that my upstream power is fluctuating throughout the day from mid-to-low 40's (works great) to 51+(no worky).

I was on a call with support yesterday and we thought the issue was resolved by eliminating a coax extender. It turns out that it was probably just the timing. 

As it stands now, my Cable Modem is on about 6 feet of cable. It is a brand new Netgear CM600.

I have logs and status pages at


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    Turns out there was a 3-way splitter in the wiring coming into the house (inside the cable/tv 'closet'). I removed that and upstream was better but downstream was a little too high (right at 10 all the way down). I only need one run anyways.

    I re-installed the splitter but removed the unneeded coax runs from it. The splitter is -5.5db on each. I haven't terminated the open connections on the splitter yet but so far my levels seem decent at 4.6-6.6 on the downstream and 43.8-44 on the upstream. Fingers crossed that those levels will stay.

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