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Paying for the highest internet package, but I'm being throttled by Cox and still paying the same

I have the Ultimate Internet Service, which is supposed to give me 300Mbps download speed. I've been having technical problems with my internet for at least a year. Last week, a technician finally came out to replace the wire running to the house, but he told me that because the wiring in the neighborhood was so old, all the lines coming into the neigh$borhood would probably need to be upgraded for me to get 300Mbps.

He had a tool with hi that shows him exactly what my internet speed is set for and it showed 220Mbps. Why have I been paying for the Ultimate Internet Connection, which is supposed to be 300Mbps, when you have my line capped at 220Mbps? I don't think you should throttle my internet connection because I work from home and have 45 clients on my network.

It took me 3 phone calls and 3 technicians to finally come out and change the cable running to me house. My internet connection has been very sporadic. I've been paying for the Ultimate internet Connection for as long as I've been a client, but when the last technician came out, he tole me my neighborhood would never be able to get speeds that fast unless all the wiring into the neighborhood was redone. Plus, he had a device on him, which I guess all technicians carry with them, and it shows me exactly what my internet speed is set for. The Ultimate Package, which is what I've always had is 300Mbps download. I saw that Cox has my internet throttled to 220Mbps download, but I'm still paying for 300, I'm not sure how long this throttling has been going on for, but I work for home, I have 45 clients on my network, and I need all the speed I can get. If I can't get 300, that's fine. Just tell me this and don't sell it to me knowing I'm never going to get it.

I expect a phone call within the next couple of days to straighten this out, I'm sure the FCC would have a field day with this.

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  • I am commenting here as I'd love to hear the solution for this problem as this is very similar to my own...  frustrated is an understatement to say the least.

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    Not every area has had Ultimate upgraded to 300 Mbps yet... in some areas, Ultimate is still 200 Mbps. It would help to actually know what city you live in.

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    Which modem are you using?

    I do know cox Ultimate is based on market, some markets have it at 300, others at 200 - I think it depends on the infrastructure.

    Your modem may be the limiting factor.  Most DOCSIS 3 modems, up till about a year or two ago where 8x4 channel modems.  8 downstream, 4 upstream.  This results in a hardware limitation of approx 200Mbps (+/-) - which is very close to the speed you are reporting.