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Pay for free tv?

Completely without preface, I'm now being charged to watch old episodes of free, network programs.  Everyone I talk to at Cox tells me "there's nothing we can do, it's the networks that determine that".  So, I do what I'm supposed to do (set the record time, even give it the maximum overrun time), the network airs the program late because of a sports or news overrun, Cox hasn't figured out how to record the right show (just the original time), so the network makes me go to on demand to pay for the show they put on at the wrong time.  How many things are wrong with that?  And, as with other major hassles, like not being able to keep my recorded shows when Cox trades out my broken or upgraded DVR, Cox CAN do something, they just chose not make an issue of it. 

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    your making no sense  you pay cox monthly for the tv portion which included access to the same networks on cox ondemand you watch on tv