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Pause time on Contour 2 Client Box

Our client box will only pause for approx 20 minutes if paused after watching the same channel for several hours.

What happens is the pause goes "off", live TV starts playing.  If I press pause again it will not pause, and I cannot back up.

Am I Missing something?



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    No, the host is fine.   I performed another test today and found the Client box will only pause for 25 minutes and is not affected by how long the unit has been playing as suggested in the original post.


    • Client box powered off
    • Power up and change channel
    • wait 30 minutes
    • pause


    • Pause stops at 25 minutes and plays the delayed programming.  Cannot pause in this condition but can FastForward (for 25 minutest worth of programming.

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    Thanks. The Contour 2 client does not have the same 1 hour buffer as the previous equipment. There may be an update in the future that allows for that to change. Right now, if not recording, the placeholder for that tuner is shortened as you have described.

    Erica W 

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    I was told in a Cox Store today that it should be able to be paused for 1 hour. My Contour 2 box will not pause for more than 30 minutes. It also has problems when pausing like it often gets error messages after being paused and says it can no longer reach the channel and will switch to some other channel. This has happened a number of times. As if on cue, just as I was writing this I got the message shown in the picture. Is the fault with the box or Cox?

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    Hi kj32,

    It sounds like when it is paused after a certain amount of time the signal is "switched off" until you change the channel; very similar to our Switched Digital Video feature. I will need to research this further. Can you send an email with your account information and also provide the description of your issue to Thanks!
  • Hi Everyone,

    Contour 2 client receivers can pause live TV for approximately 30 minutes on HD channels; 90 minutes on SD channels. As Erica mentioned, the buffer space available for the pause feature may be lengthened in the future.