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Panoramic wifi?

What's the difference between regular wifi and panoramic wifi?

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    FWICT, panoramic wifi is Cox marketing hype for renting you a TG2472 gateway (of a gigablast customer) and doing a pro install where a tech does a site survey to ID dead spots, recommend gateway placement and purchase extenders to ensure wall-to-wall coverage.  From a cached page dated 11/28/2016: "Our technicians will walk your home using a WiFi analyzer tool that will identify dead zones in your home and recommend coverage options." the description of panoramic wifi has since been removed from that page.

    Anyway, you can DYI using an android phone and the free app WiFi Analyzer or a windows laptop running Acrylic WiFi Home.

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    chris, looks like Cox removed the description from that page, I was able to find the description in a Google cache of the page but nothing when going directly to the current version.  All the current version says is: "Panoramic WiFi is available in California markets beginning October 24th." The original doesn't even say if they rent WiFi extenders or if you have to buy them.  It's all about the hype

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    AllenP said:
    chris, looks like Cox removed the description from that page,

    I saw that too, then I changed my location to some random city in CA and the page loaded to show the description.

  • Hi Pineromtz,

    Panoramic WiFi from Cox is a new innovative high speed Internet experience that is designed to meet your needs by offering full wall to wall coverage, fast speeds, and support tools to manage your in-home network.