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Panoramic WiFi - extender issues


I currently have Panoramic WiFi with one extender, and I am having the following issues:

1. Extender paired SSIDs: After pairing the extender with the main router via WPS, only one new SSID or network is showing up. Shouldn't there be two? One for 2.4ghz and one for 5.0ghz networks? 

Main Router SSIDs (default names): 1) 2.4ghz = A6C5FF; 2) 5.0ghz = A6C600

Extender SSIDs (WPS paired name): A6C5FF-5G

2. Cox My WiFi: editing 'Device Name' for any particular device in the 'Device List' does not work. I will go in and edit all of my Device Names, but after a day or so it does the following: 1) some devices revert back to default names, 2) some devices switch edited names (for example, my edited 'Sprinkler' device name is now 'AV-Receiver')

3. Main Router web interface for configuration is extremely SLOW. When I use the internal IP address and default user/password to login to the router interface via the web, anytime I click on a button it then says something like "Your unit is updating..." and then it takes a while to load the new page. I can live with that, but some features such as the 'Client List' button for both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz networks does not work. When I click on 'Client List' for either network, it hangs on "Your unit is updating..."

Any help or insight into the issues above is much appreciated. I have done reboots and complete resets of both devices, but no solution. Also, I have spoken with a Panoramic technician over the phone, and he seemed to understand all of the issues above, which felt promising; however, I have had two service technicians (Cox sub-contractors) visit my home, and they are uneducated on Panoramic, the associated equipment, and my particular issues. 


Main Router: Arris TG1682G

Extender: Actiontec WCB6200Q

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    I'll try to answer these as best I can.

    1. It sounds like you're trying to pair the wifi on the extender to the wifi on the gateway. These devices do not need wifi to communicate as they use MoCA. If you've added the wifi on the extender as a wireless device on the gateway that may explain some of the performance issues.

    2. If you update the name of a device using the My Wifi tool it does not make any changes on the device itself. If the My Wifi portal detects the device is named differently it may think that data is more up to date and replace any customized device labeling. Sometimes this can also cause detected devices to be confused with each other.

    3. Some of what I explained above may be the cause for this. These devices however are intended to be managed via the My Wifi portal.

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    Thanks for the reply, Chris.

    1. No, I was trying to pair the SSIDs on the gateway with the extender, following the guide I found on the internet from the manufacturer because none was provided by Cox. My goal was to have the extender mirror the gateway SSIDs so I could go from one end of the house to the other on the same SSID, and not have to manually switch from the gateway to the extender SSID, or vice-versa, when one got low signal strength.

    I was able to figure out the solution on my own. The extender was mirroring the 2.4ghz network but not the 5.0ghz network because Arris gave a different default SSID to the 5.0ghz. I changed the SSID name for the gateway to mirror the extender, and now both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz work seamlessly.

    2. What's the point of having the ability to update the name on the My Wifi tool if it doesn't take priority? How am I then supposed to change the name of a device so it shows up incorrectly on My Wifi? Am I supposed to login to the router? See issue #3...I can't see a list of devices or what Arris calls "Client List".

    3. I don't know how any of the above is the cause of this since it all seems to be working properly now. I have used other gateways, for example Netgear, and it provides a very user friendly app or online access, that is never delayed like the Arris.

    Again, I appreciate any advice or insight into the problems #2 and #3, since I have now fixed #1 on my own.

    It is frustrating having TWO technicians sent out to supposedly take care of this, and they have less knowledge on it than me. It is also frustrating because both times the issue could have been solved over the phone...wasting both my time and Cox's. It is also frustrating that I am essentially paying a premium for this service by paying Cox a monthly rental fee to properly manage my internet devices, yet I can't get the same user friendly access and options afforded to me by a competitor like Google WiFi.

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    Changing your device names within the devices themselves may be the most practical solution. If you rename via the My Wifi portal and the device reappears with a different name the portal may assume you updated this at the device and consider that to be the most update to date info.

    For some of the other issues going on it may be best to have a technician come out and take a look.