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Panoramic upgrade and telephone service

I have my internet, phone and tv bundled with COX.  Recently I upgraded to a PANORAMIC internet box.  First of all could not get the computer to take the provided User ID and Password that were printed on the bottom of the device.  Then was informed by a live voice to disregard that instruction and use a long series of numbers and letters that are on the bottom of the panoramic device.  Then I found that the adjustments had to be made at COX in order to allow the box to work.   My disgust telephone has not had a dial tone since the installation.  I have called twice and used the chat and it is still not resolved.  Was I correct in removing the CiSCO box and the NETGEAR box.  It was my understanding that the panoramic would support the telephone service????  

Also in the trouble shooting it said to install a battery in order fo it to work.  I am so confused at this point..that I am close to cancelling COX altogether and going with a different service.  What am I to do in order to get a dial tone???????  Do I need to pay to have a service tech come out and sell me more equipment??? Do I need to hook the CiSCO box back up????  I am perplexed.

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  • Hi, the modem is designed to provide digital telephone signal. Please check to make sure there is a phone cord plugged into the back of the modem in Tel 1. The other end of the phone cord can be plugged into the back of a phone or into a nearby telephone wall jack. If all the phones in the house operate off of the same base unit, you can plug the base unit telephone directly into the back of the modem in Tel 1 and it will activate all of the other phones that use the base units signal. You do not need to insert a battery to make the unit work, however, it does need to have power in order to operate. Use the included power cord and make sure it is securely plugged into a wall outlet or a power strip that is rated for electronics. If you see lights on the front of the modem it is receiving power.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance, we are happy to help.
  • Mike, I have done it all......the tel lights on the front of the modem have never lit up.  I have a telephone base unit which has the power chord connected to a wall plug.....the telephone lines runs from my base unit to the panoramic modem and is inserted into the tel 1 slo.  I am getting internet service on my MAC.  The POWER light, the US/DS, the online and the 5 GHz lights are all lit and steady.  The 2.4 GHz light is blinking.  The Tel 1 and Tel 2 lights are not lit and never have been.  I have been through all of this, and I am at my wits end, because every time I talk to someone at Cox they ask me to do the same thing...hen they end up rebooting the modem....that never helps.  Once they reboot the system Ioose them and have to start over again.  And my bill keeps getting larger.  I am thinking it istime to change.

    Now I know why they charged me 20.00 to install the modem.  

  • Hi, If the lights are not lit up for the telephone on the modem then you will need to have a tech come out and investigate the issue. We can schedule a tech for you. Appointments run in two hours arrival time slots starting at 8-10am, 10-12n, 1-3pm, 3-5pm and the latest 5-7pm. What date and time may we check for you?

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    MichaelJ, do you need to advise people that there is a $75 charge for the tech visit if the reason for the failure is not outside the home?  I know that he can buy insurance to cover that.