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Panoramic Connection Issues

So here is the situation, I have had cox internet with the Panoramic Modem for about 1.5 months. We have many devices mainly connected by wi-fi, laptop computers, iphones, ipads, ect....

So here is an example of what is going on...some devices are not connecting. Like for instance if I use my ipad at another location, and then come home to use my home wifi the ipad won't connect. It sees the network and I type in the password, "unable to connect" so after several attempts, thinking my might have fat *** the password, I give up. 

The only solution I have found so far, is to unplug the modem and wait a few seconds and plug in again. Once it comes back online, Now that device is able to connect. Tomorrow will be another device.

Anyone else having this issue? I know in the grad scheme of life this is not a problem, but, I am paying for a service and I expect to get what I pay for.


Thank you

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    If rebooting the modem is helping it might also be worth trying to do a factory reset to try and clear any bad settings that could be contributing. This can be done by pushing and holding the reset button on the modem for 30 seconds then releasing.

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    I too am starting to experience this. I've only had the router for 2 weeks.

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    Everything appears OK with your gateway as well although it seems you're only using the 2.4Ghz wifi. Can you try switching devices to the 5Ghz network and see if they work better?

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    @Intermittent Internet Connection

    Please email full address and primary name on the account to so we can check signal levels.