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Pandora on Contour 1

Pandora is the most-problematic feature on Contour 1.   But it is also an enjoyable feature when it is working.  Today i got the Error Message 11.2.6.  When there are errors on my Cox Contour Pandora, i can check on a computer and see that there are no problems when listening to Pandora online. Moderators, can you check with the Pandora Department to see what is going on.  I have rebooted the DVR often.  All other features of Contour 1 are working (with the normal quirks) normally.  Here are the problems i experience:

songs stop mid-song and start over at the beginning.... but don't complete the entire song.

songs will not play even tho the progress bar shows that the song should be playing.

after a Pandora commercial (advertisement), this is the most likely time for Pandora to freeze.

after listening to 5 to 25 songs, i will get an error message "Cox is having trouble retrieving your playlist songs" and it freezes.

sometimes the album cover does not appear altho it should. 

When i asked previous questions on this forum about Pandora, it seemed as if no one uses it.  But i recently saw a thread asking why it was not included on Contour 2.   Moderators, is there anything you can tell us about Pandora on Cox?

I have one DVR. one television set. the cox technician set up my service with and without a splitter.  he decided that the splitter works best.  I have had great service and good luck with the current setup for 5 years.  Only Pandora is less-than-excellent.

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  • yak

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out regarding the Pandora app on the original Contour. Does rebooting the receiver correct the issue?

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    Rebooting has not been helping when the 11.2.6 message comes on.  Rebooting sometimes helps for the freezes and other weirdness.   But i have been getting more of the " experienced technical problems" or "can not retrieve your playlist 11.2.6" error messages recently..

    Do you have a Pandora department?  Would you send them my questions?

  • Hi, does the issue occur on one cable box or on all cable boxes?
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    @MichaelJ,  i have one DVR.  No other boxes.

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    yak, from time to time, Pandora changes their login procedure. Makers of 3rd party apps, like Contour 1, need to update their app for it to continue working. I've noticed this with my AVR, it has built in pandora which no longer works since the mfg hasn't issued a firmware update. Not saying this is your issue but something I've noticed with pandora & 3rd parties.

  • Hi Yak,

    I did a little more research on this issue, and noticed a discrepancy in the data from your DVR. The DVR is reporting that the Pandora application is "not loaded." Since we know the Pandora app is loaded on your DVR, this deserves a closer inspection. Our video specialists recommend that we schedule a service call for you so an on-site technician can run some diagnostic tests. I'm happy to get this scheduled for you. Please email my team at and let us know if there a time of day and day of the week that would work best for you.