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Pandora on Contour 1

Pandora is the most-problematic feature on Contour 1.   But it is also an enjoyable feature when it is working.  Today i got the Error Message 11.2.6.  When there are errors on my Cox Contour Pandora, i can check on a computer and see that there are no problems when listening to Pandora online. Moderators, can you check with the Pandora Department to see what is going on.  I have rebooted the DVR often.  All other features of Contour 1 are working (with the normal quirks) normally.  Here are the problems i experience:

songs stop mid-song and start over at the beginning.... but don't complete the entire song.

songs will not play even tho the progress bar shows that the song should be playing.

after a Pandora commercial (advertisement), this is the most likely time for Pandora to freeze.

after listening to 5 to 25 songs, i will get an error message "Cox is having trouble retrieving your playlist songs" and it freezes.

sometimes the album cover does not appear altho it should. 

When i asked previous questions on this forum about Pandora, it seemed as if no one uses it.  But i recently saw a thread asking why it was not included on Contour 2.   Moderators, is there anything you can tell us about Pandora on Cox?

I have one DVR. one television set. the cox technician set up my service with and without a splitter.  he decided that the splitter works best.  I have had great service and good luck with the current setup for 5 years.  Only Pandora is less-than-excellent.