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Panasonic KX-TG585SK cordless phones

Have problems - call disconnects during conversation, can hear caller but caller can't hear me, put a DSL/ADSL filter on phone - still have problems

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  • loser,

    Do you have the Digital Telephone setup to where the main Panasonic base is connected directly to a Telephony Modem?

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    spoke with Panasonic tech support , after several trys to correct the problem - it was determined that the set should be returned for a new one - that the base unit is defective. Thanks anyway - and no it was not connected directly to a telephone modem.
  • I'm glad to hear that the issue is being addressed by the phone manufacturer. If you need any additional assistance feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, or Twitter @COXHELP.
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    cox is cable based not dsl based don't need the filter