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Pairing Universal MX-450 with Contour2 XR11-RF remote


Our Home system tech paired these remotes and we use the MX-450. However there are certain functions not working.

1) unable to FF or Reverse or STOP on recorded programs.

2) unable to CLEAR HISTORY when using the PREV CH button. (there is no 'D' on mx-450)

3) unable to use w`voice control as COX remote now disabled after pairing

As info the reason we use this remote is that we have a DVD, Receiver surround sound, whole house music and security cameras that all operate from this mx-450

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    We are not able to support a 3rd party remote control. We can only support our own equipment. We will leave this thread open for 30 days to allow other customers to assist. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.