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packet lost :(

Hi! I see that there packets lost, and i did ping plotter metrics:

Can you do something with it cox?

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    From the pingplotter you posted, your packet loss in in your home network ...  The first hop must be zero loss and <1msec latency. Your post shows 13.3% loss and and avg of 28msec latency.

    Is the device running pingplotter wired or WiFi.  If wired, check your wiring.  If WiFi, maybe interference is causing the problem.  I would run another pingplotter with a wired connection.  Also, change the WiFi channel, if you have an Android device, WiFi Analyzer is a good app to help find a clearer channel.  On a PC, Acrylic WiFi Home is a good free wifi analyzer for Windows.

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    If you look at your ping ploter you are getting 13% packet loss on the connection to your router - I'd check to see if there is a problem there first.