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Packet Loss

I keep seeing posts about Packet Loss. What is that, what does that affect, and how can you tell there's packet loss? Please excuse my ignorance. I'm learning. Thanks. 

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    You can use a free tool called PingPlotter. The free version will give you plenty of data to determine if you have a problem.

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    Packet loss is the failure of one or more transmitted packets to arrive at their destination. The effects of data loss will be different depending on what you are trying to accomplish online at that moment. In data, packet loss produces errors. In video conferences it can create jitter. In pure audio communications, such as VoIP, it can cause jitter and frequent gaps in received speech. In the worst cases, packet loss can cause severe mutilation of received data, broken-up images, unintelligible speech or even the complete absence of a received signal.

    The link provided will help to track packet loss in order to get the issue resolved.