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Packet loss again

Good evening.

I've been on here before to complain about this. Essentially no help before, but I digress.

I play online games, it's what I do when I get home from work in the short time I have before bed. Recently that game of choice is Overwatch, which I have been forced to all but give up due to packet loss to the server. It's rendered this game, that I spent $40 on so I could play with my friends, completely unplayable.

Blizzard, fortunately, provides the server ip so I can present exhibit A:

This is not a localized time of day thing; it occurs every time I play regardless of weekday or time. It's been occurring for months now everyone else I talk to has been fine. I've restarted my router. I don't have significant other issues from the internet, though I don't play many other online games. I'm open to suggestions.

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    Looking at your first post, I think your issue is with Level3 congestion. Let me guess, Battlefield 4? If so, see this thread talking about it.

    As for your newest data, there appears to be a issue between your modem and Cox.  This looks like a very different problem then before. This looks more like a signal issue to the modem. What model modem do you have and what are the signal levels? The signal levels are available at the page, unless you have a gateway.

    PS. I may be reading the tracert wrong, but it looks like you are in RI? I am also in RI so I might be able to give a bit more of a inside scoop. 

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    I've got a Surfboard RBG6580. I'm in OH, which I guess is somewhat close to RI. No Battlefield, it's primarily Overwatch that I play online these days but I did have problems playing League of Legends while I was still playing that.

    I troubleshot a little with a friend who works as a cable tech in the akron area and managed to find a temporary fix that seemed to help. He found that the SNR ration on most of the channels was below good levels (at the time it showed around 34 dB) I rebooted the router and that seemed to level those out and I saw some improvement in stability. Though it lasted only for a couple days before I started seeing problems again and a reboot last night didn't seem to have any significant impact.

    Current signal levels:

    Sorry for the late reply, been a busy week.

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    Your first image shows 1st hop packet loss suggesting a problem very close to home although I'm not seeing any loss between us and the modem. Do you see similar results on other devices in your home?