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Overwatch pathping issue


I recently purchased the game called "Overwatch" from Blizzard. However it continuously crashed that I can barely play or even I cannot play.

I sent email to Blizzard support, and I received the answer today that said "Internet connection is a problem." I also sent my pathping file to them, and they said "There is a loss of your packet."

Any other programs, such as voice connection programs, browsers, and all of my other online games, are all working fine.

Here is my pathping information. I wish your help, Cox.

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  • When did you first begin experiencing problems during game-play?

  • Several days, about 3~4 days later after I purchased the game. I bought it 2 weeks ago. Before those days, it worked fine.

  • I don't think so. I tried everything, such as flushing DNS, resetting network, closing background applications. None of them worked.

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    If this is a Blizzard title I suspect it's impacted by the issue described in the link AllenP posted.